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Panodyne Covid-19 Antibody Igm/Igg Rapid Test Kit (Single Test)


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Panodyne Covid-19 Antibody Test Kit Cassette Type (IgM & IgG ) Single Test

  • Identifies infection before symptoms
  • Significant time and cost saving over lab methods
  • Important notice: This kit is intended for professional use only. If you are experiencing any symptoms as outlined by government guidelines, such as shortness of breath, new cough or fever, then you should self-isolate immediately and follow the instructions provided by your local authorities.
  • Accuracy of 97.8% (IgM) and 99.6% (IgG)
  • CE Certified
  • Results within 10-15 minutes

An application for exceptional use of a COVID-19 rapid test, to be used by members of the public for home use, was approved on the 23rd December 2020 by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), See https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mhra-issues-exceptional-use-authorisation-for-nhs-test-and-trace-covid-19-self-test-device

This is a cassette blood test, from Panodyne. It is designed to detect antibodies (immunoglobulins, IgG and IgM) against the coronavirus that causes the disease called Covid-19. Antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system in response to an infection and are specific to that particular infection. They are found in the liquid part of blood specimens, which is called serum or plasma, depending on the presence of clotting factors. IgM and IgG may either be ordered together or separately.

Having a Covid-19 Rapid Test is helpful if:

  • your health care provider believes you may have been exposed to the coronavirus which causes Covid-19 based on your current or previous signs and symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing);
  • you live in or have recently traveled to a place where transmission of Covid-19 is known to occur;
  • you have been in close contact with an individual suspected of or confirmed to have Covid-19; or
  • you have recovered from Covid-19.

Panodyne Covid-19 Rapid Test

Antibody Test for IgM:

This test detects IgM antibodies. IgM is usually the first antibody produced by the immune system when a virus attacks. A positive IgM test indicates that you may have been infected and that your immune system has started responding to the virus.  When IgM is detected you may still be infected, or you may have recently recovered from a Covid-19 infection.

Panodyne Kit Antibody Test for IgG:

This test detects IgG antibodies that develop in most patients within seven to 10 days after symptoms of Covid-19 begin. IgG antibodies remain in the blood after an infection has passed. These antibodies indicate that you may have had Covid-19 in the recent past and have developed antibodies that may protect you from future infection. It is unknown at this point how much protection antibodies might provide against reinfection.