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MediSeptic Skin-friendly, anti-microbial hand sanitizer 500ml

MediSeptic Skin-friendly, anti-microbial hand sanitizer 500ml

Skin-friendly, hand sanitizer

Long-term protection.

MediSeptic protects against viruses, including Covid-19 and bacteria for up to 2 hours. It offers the safest protection against infectious diseases and germs available today.

Natural ingredients.

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%, H2O (Water), Mineral Salts, Organic Acids, Organic Salts, Essential Oils, Cationic Polymers.

Skin-friendly and alcohol-free.

Ideal for sensitive skin. Non-hazardous substances according to CLP-regulation, non-flammable, alcohol-free, non-toxic, without surfactants and aldehydes.

Effective against corona viruses.

Successfully tested as a VIRUCIDE active against corona viruses. Also effective against bacteria and fungi.


Apply product and rub in. Include thumbs and fingertips, as they have most frequent contact with contaminated surfaces.  

Acts quickly.

Application within one minute. Repeat as needed, to guarantee further protection, re-apply after two hours.


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