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Rotatrim MC Series - Complete Cutting Head

Rotatrim MC Series - Complete Cutting Head

Complete Replacement Cutting Head for all Rotatrim MasterCut MC Series machines.  This complete cutting head includes the Plastic Head Casting (Black) and the complete contents of the cutting head.  Please note there are two variants of the Head, one offering a Two-way cut and one offering a One-way cut.  

The one way cut version includes the Rotatrim Cut Control (RCC) Plate, to ensure that the machine can not be overloaded and is required for the MCA1 and MCA0 machines.  Also where heavier materials or multiple sheets are being simultaneously cut we would also recommend a Rotatrim Cut Control (RCC) Plate in the smaller models MCA4 to MCA2 to prevent overloading of the cutting head.

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